What’s in the Name


After seeking the Lord sincerely for a name for this ministry He told us to name our ministry “Days of Elisha”. We were not sure at that time what the significance of that name was. After much prayer and study, God began to show us some things. Elisha was a prophet who was willing to confront the evil of his day. His purpose was to restore respect for God and His message. He did so by standing firmly against the evil kings of Israel. Elisha revealed God’s judgment on sin, and also His mercy, love, and tenderness toward people who are faithful to God. Elisha’s miracles showed that God is in control. He controls great armies, but He is a God who is involved with everyday life events. As Elisha did, we too have boldly asked God for a “double-portion” of His Spirit. We too have ripped our own covering and proudly wear the cloak of God. As servants of God in what we believe to be the last days, we are willing to stand against the false gods of our day. Time and time again we see God show His power over the supposed power of this world.

The Lord continues to reveal the substance in the name! After Elisha was dead and buried a dead man was thrown into his grave and as his body touched the bones of Elisha he was alive again! It is very important to us that long after we are gone, whether it be to another mission field or from this earth, that this ministry – Days of Elisha will continue to change the lives of the people of Kenya and of the world.

We love the Lord and love sharing His gospel with all people. We believe the Bible is the standard by which Christians should strive to live life every day! We have truly dedicated our lives to serving God “no matter what”!

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