What We Do

Below are some of the areas of ministry that are ongoing.  You can be a part of sharing Jesus with the people of Kenya.  Please let us know if you would like to help in any area.

Staff – Days of Elisha Ministries Kenya is committed to training, equipping and developing indigenous staff to be key leadership of Days of Elisha Ministries Kenya.  We provide them very nice housing, a more-than-fair wage, and opportunities to improve their lives.  God has instructed us to “reproduce” ourselves into their lives.

Outdoor Crusades – Held in market places, remote villages, meeting grounds, etc.  These events are for reaching the unsaved.  We work with a local pastor for discipleship and follow up.

Children’s Crusades – One of our favorites!!  Usually 3 to 4 day event geared for children.  These events are high energy and tons of fun.  We work with a local pastor for discipleship and follow up.

Evangelism Trips – Travel into remote locations to share the Gospel.  Will usually consist of hut-to-hut evangelism, outdoor crusades, and close with preaching in the local church.  We work with a local pastor for discipleship and follow up.

“Free Water” Ministry – many village areas are still without water.  We purchase a water truck and drive into a village completely unannounced and give away the free gift of water.  This is not a preaching event.  We do person-to-person evangelism.  We have witnessed many souls coming to Christ as a result of this outreach.  We work with a local pastor for discipleship and follow up.

Pastoral Support – We love to help local pastors with their house rent so they may focus on ministry full time.  In Kenya it takes many hours to minister to people in village areas.  Most pastors walk miles from hut to hut to see people.  It is nearly impossible for them to work any other job.  They live entirely by faith and trust God to meet all their needs.

Leadership Training – We assist churches with leadership training and developing classes.  We coordinate events where a Pastor from the states comes and teaches intensively for several days. (schedule when possible)

Bible Distribution – So many people do not have Bibles.  We love to give them God’s Word – literally!

Education – Currently we have sponsored several children for private school education.  There are many more children who need educational fees.  This is a much needed area of ministry and we trust the Lord to continue to grow the support for this.

Orphans – We work with a children’s that we have known for years.   We assist with basic needs such as shoes, clothing, Bibles, and food.  This is a Christian children’s home and children are taught the Word of God daily.

Building Churches – We partner with teams from America to buy land and build the church.  Groups come to do the “work” mission and what a blessing it is!

Speaking Engagements – We share the Gospel of Jesus any chance we get.  We have spoken to various organizations, groups, and even in the schools!

Hosting Missions Groups – It is our vision to have a “safe” place for teams to come and stay while they minister in Africa.  We can be involved as much or as little as the group desires.  We can arrange the entire ministry event, or simply provide housing.

Humanitarian Projects – You can not minister in a place like Kenya and not be involved with humanitarian assistance.  We take food, water, clothes, shoes, medicine, and mosquito nets to various places when the resources allow. There is always a need.

As you can tell, there are many areas of ministry that you can help us with.  If you feel led to partner with us, please let us know.  We operate completely by faith and trust that God will send people to connect with us to accomplish great things for the Kingdom.

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