These Days Update (Latest News)

September 7, 2015

We are currently praying and considering a trip to Kenya in December of this year.  We feel the urge to plan an evangelistic trip.  We will have a budget of $10,000 to make this happen.  Please help us pray about this.  If you are interested in donating for this trip please let us know.


August 2015

We recently received some awesome news from Kenya!! Some of the young people that we had the great pleasure of ministering to while we lived in Kenya have taken an active role in being the hands and feet of Jesus!!  While in Kenya we built a church in Masai land where no church has ever before been.  Actually we preached in this area once under a tree and as we were leaving that day I told Jerry that the Lord would have us build a church there.  That was in 2009.  Since then the church has flourished and many souls have come to Christ.  Now that very building has been approved by the government to be used a school.  Now you have to understand that many Masai children have never attended school because of the distance and other reasons.  Today, young boys and GIRLS are able to receive an education that would have not otherwise. During our mission trip in June 2014 some of our Kenyan team members traveled with us as we preached in this church.  They were so excited to hear about the school they decided to get to work and bless them.  So, this month they formed a team and collected donations and purchased much needed supplies and CHAIRS for the school.  The children have never had chairs before!! Imagine their surprise.  This is a real school.  God is amazing.  It is awesome to see the fruit of our labor and know that Kenyans are helping Kenyans!!!  To God be the glory!!


April 2014

Just wanted to let you know that we have reserved our tickets to Kenya for this upcoming summer.  We will be taking a mission team in June.  We are very excited and we know that God has great things in store for this trip.  We will be preaching the gospel to many who have never heard of Jesus Christ.  We will be ministering in children’s homes, local churches, and outdoor crusades.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  We have not yet met our budget for this trip and time is getting short!  We still have a goal of $6000 for the total budget of the trip.  You can help by donating online at or by mailing a donation to the address above.  The devil is trying his best to stop this trip, but he is defeated.  All God’s people say, “AMEN!!!!  Please consider helping us today.

Our ministry team in Kenya is doing well.  Everyone is healthy and busy.  The girls in school are staying at the top of their classes and making us all proud.  Pastor Javan is traveling monthly into remote regions sharing Jesus and feeding the hungry.  Silas is now pastoring a church not far from where we lived.

Our family is also doing well.  God is amazing and continues to bless us daily.  Deborah’s health is improving every day.  His Grace is sufficient.  Deborah is speaking every chance she gets, sharing her testimony and God’s faithfulness.  Please contact her if you are interested in having her at your church, fellowship, office, or meeting.

Thank you so much for your continued support.  You are blessed to be a blessing and you are a HUGE blessing to us!!


Compelled to Go ~ Kenya 2014 – We are taking a team to do missions work in June 2014.  We will be doing various forms of ministry.  We will minister in multiple children’s homes, have kids crusades, outdoor crusades, preach in multiple local churches, travel into Masai land and minister in the bush, and conduct a Pastors & Leaders Conference.  Many of those going on this trip have never before done a mission trip, much less one in AFRICA!! This is such an exciting time.  God is raising up new workers.  He has birthed in their hearts a desire to share Him with others.  What a great trip we are expecting!!  Please consider helping us with this trip!  Due to recent medical issues we have not been able to fund raise as we have in the past.  Please consider partnering with us today for this trip.  We must raise at least $6000 ASAP!!!  You can give right here on our web page.  Your donations are tax-deductible.


October 11, 2012

Greetings in the matchless and marvelous name of Jesus Christ.  There is none like Him.  If you don’t live knowing His Goodness and Mercy, you can today.  Call on HIM!! Just say, “Jesus” and just see how His Peace that passes all understanding floods your soul.

After our last update we were able to get our children back in school in Kenya.  PRAISE THE LORD!!! And thank you to those who responded.  We are still, however a great deal short with the monthly budget.  Again, we are asking that each and every one of you consider making a one-time donation today – RIGHT NOW – at and then to consider supporting this ministry on a monthly basis.

Almost daily Kenyans are suffering from grenade attacks, suicide bombers, or other vicious attacks from ruthless terrorists.  In Nigeria this week, 30 Christians were killed at a university.  These are unstable times we live in.  Christians must pray like never before for Christians all over the world.  Men and women of God are serving daily in dangerous places to share Jesus with the lost and dying.

Please remember to share our ministry with your friends, family, co-workers, civic organizations, and churches.  Word of mouth is the best way to grow our support base.

Tax deductible donations may be mailed to P O Box 1756, Silsbee, TX  77656 or made online at

January 9, 2011

Happy & Blessed New Year to you all. I must apologize that it has been so long since our last update. We have been CRAZY BUSY the past few months. We have truly seen the hand of the Lord and His miraculous provision and direction.

Days of Elisha Ministries has an incredible announcement. We are going through a period of transition right now. We, Jerry, Deborah & Arden are moving back to Texas for this next year. Days of Elisha Ministries Kenya is still actively involved in ministry in Kenya. It has always been our vision that KENYANS would be able to handle the ministry in Kenya. God has so graciously blessed us with a team that truly loves Him and wants to serve Him faithfully. For this season we plan to travel to Kenya once or twice a year, but we will be “home basing” in the states. The Lord actually gave us a picture of an old wagon wheel. He has shown us that the hub of the wheel is relocating, but the spokes of ministry are not changing. This next year we hope and pray to develop some of those other spokes of outreach into other nations. We have always known that we are called to the nations, not only Kenya. We are excited and encouraged about what God has in store for this next year. It is a little mind boggling at times, but we have walked in faith for some time now, and God has never failed us.

We are living at the lake at Dam-B. This is the small place that was my mother’s before she passed away. If anyone is interested in a “home missions” project we have lots to do around our place!!! Jerry is quite the handy man, but I am NO HELP in that area! We have floors to be replaced, walls to be painted, and ceilings that must be repaired. It is challenging and needs quite a bit of attention, but we love it here and it already feels like home. We are happy that hopefully soon we can buy this place and have no monthly note so that we are able to minister as the Lord leads – any time, any place!!!! Please pray for the personal finances to make that happen.

Arden will begin school this month. She starts driver’s education today!! I just still can’t believe she is old enough for that!! And I still can’t believe that in a year we will need another vehicle!! Actually we are looking now for something larger. We have a small car that is perfect for Arden and it is not nearly spacious enough to travel for preaching. Please help us pray in a suburban or something with more room.

If you need someone to preach on an interim basis or even to fill the pulpit for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are excited about sharing the Word of the Lord every opportunity we have and to keep you informed of what God is doing in Kenya and elsewhere. We have great vision for ministry here in our home area and other parts of the world this upcoming year. People need HOPE – they need JESUS!!! We plan to show Him to those around us.

Finally, please please please keep us and BOTH of these ministries covered in prayer and support. It is more challenging than ever to keep both ministries going financially. We know God is well able. We are so grateful that He uses YOU!!!!

 Changing the world, one soul at a time!

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September 29, 2011

I recently received a phone call from my best friend back home who wanted to know if everything is okay. When I asked why she said, “Because I haven’t gotten a ‘THESE DAYS’ update for a while now, so I’m just curious”! I guess it has been a while. We have been very busy with many different aspects of ministry lately, but the real reason I haven’t written is because I adopted the view of Thumper – “If you can’t say something nice, (large sigh) don’t say nothing at all”! (from Bambi)

The past few weeks have been WARFARE! We must have a break through soon. In the natural we can not keep up at this rate.

Today our Spirits are good. We have seen no change in circumstances, but we feel better. We are confident that God is in control and we continue to see people getting saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, healed, and delivered.

 We are still teaching Bible class at the children’s home near our home. It is challenging because many of the children speak no English and very few of them can read or write. They don’t know their colors, shapes, or anything else that we take for granted while teaching our children in the states. It becomes a challenge to put together lessons, as we know them, full of activities and games when they know basically nothing at all. They are having a great time though and we trust that we are planting seed in them for their futures and most importantly we are showing them the real love of Christ.

We recently started teaching all of our staff and pastors “Spiritual Authority” by Watchman Nee. This is an amazing curriculum and of course is speaking to us as well. I have never learned as much as when I’m teaching a particular subject!

This past Sunday we preached in a small congregation in a village area. There were not many people there, but the LORD was in the house. It was a powerful message and we had seven first time salvations. They asked us to return this Sunday to teach more about the Kingdom. We are excited to see what the Lord will do in our time together this week.

Many of you read the blog a few weeks ago about Purity. Purity was a 4 year old little girl who was brutally raped. I am attaching a link that I posted today giving an update on Purity’s condition. Please read it. Please pray.

Thank you all for everything you do for us and for Days of Elisha Ministries and Days of Elisha Ministries, Kenya. We pray the Lord bless you for your continued faithfulness.

Changing the world, one soul at a time!

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 September 5, 2011

 WOW – sooooooo much to report, there is no way to cover it all in this update. The Pastors/Leaders Conference was a major success. Many pastors got saved, many other people got saved. People were healed and the demon possessed were completely set free. One lady in particular was possessed by a demonic spirit that caused her to fall in the floor, fall on the ground and got into spasms. Many times this spirit threw her into the fire. Her husband did not know what to do with her so he kicked her out of their home. She was living on the street. She came for prayer. We prayed for her and after some time she was completely delivered. She began to rejoice and say she was free and healed!! THAT VERY DAY her husband came to find her and took her back to their home. God went over and above and restored their marriage. THAT’S MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Haeley and Joel arrived on Friday for their brief visit and mission trip. We traveled on Saturday and held a kids crusade in Masai land and camped out in the bush Saturday night. On Sunday we visited two Masai churches and shared the Word of the Lord. On Sunday afternoon we distributed bags and bags of clothes and shoes to the Masai people. They were so grateful. It is such a joy to bless people with things they need and that are such a basic part of life.

 Today (Monday) we ministered at a children’s home. We taught Bible class then had a fun time of ministry with games and punch balloons!! Arden and Tanner amazed the kids with a puppet show about all the animals that Adam got to assign names to. The puppets were a tremendous hit with the children and will definitely have to show up again! We distributed clothes to the children and shared the love of Jesus. Next we had a water truck deliver “Free Water” to this home. They have been in desperate need of water. It amazed me that as we were leaving they all thanked us for the toys and balloons, but sincerely thanked us for the water!! Imagine – children so grateful for water. They said that was the greatest blessing to them – WATER.

 We have quite a bit of ministry lined up for the rest of this week. This afternoon however we are going to pile up on the couch and eat these chocolate chip cookies that Haeley brought from America!!! WOO HOO! I might just stare at her for several hours because I enjoy her being here so much! God is soooo GOOD!! It is great for us all to be together this week in Africa.

 Since this is the first of the month and also the BACK TO SCHOOL month we have large ministry expenses. Please consider making a donation today online at


 Sponsors for school fees for children. School fees for this term were due at the end of August and are now past due $800

 Ongoing monthly ministry commitments due immediately $1500.

 Changing the world, one soul at a time!

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August 10, 2011


What an AWESOME God we serve. He never fails. His is alive and not dead. And the best part is – He is interested in me!! & YOU!!!


Days of Elisha Ministries is incredibly busy these days. We are so excited to be serving God here in Kenya. I am teaching at the children’s home every week. The children are truly a blessing and are eager to learn about God and His Word.


The Pastors/Leaders Conference is in two weeks. God has supplied many of the needs for this event, however we are still trusting and waiting for the rest. At this time we need about $500 to complete that project. Please do not forget to pray for us during that time. We travel on Wednesday, August 24th and have the meetings the 25th, 26th, 27th, & 28th. We will travel home on the 29th of August.


We have guests from America arriving today to stay this week here with us as they do work in Nairobi. Then on Sunday, our intern from Spurger, TX, Tanner, will arrive to join with our work here. We are so excited about his arrival. It is such an honor to see what God does as He works in and through people who are willing to give themselves entirely to Him.


Today my heart is so heavy and I find myself weeping off and on all day. We counseled with a young man this morning in our home who seriously needs your prayers. His name is Hussein. He is Ethiopian and is schooling in Kenya. He is married and has 2 children. Hussein was formerly a very high ranking Imam with the Muslim church in Ethiopia. He had many mosques there and was respected by Muslims all over Africa. Many years ago he converted to Christianity and pledged to give his life to serving Jesus Christ. At that point the Muslims put a contract out on his life. He has been poisoned, beaten, imprisoned, and the list goes on and on. He has never recounted his faith in Jesus Christ. Today he is at the end of his rope. He and his family have not eaten for 3 days. He has been able to only buy milk for his children. The Muslims in Kenya have strategically cost him his job, his home, and his school. He was here on scholarship which has been “revoked” and now he owes $4000 by Friday of this week or he will be jobless, homeless, and kicked out of school with less than one year remaining to complete his degree. He came to us for prayer and counsel. He did not ask for money or for food. He only asked that we pray with him and for him and offer him some word of encouragement because he is thinking of returning to Ethiopia to work so that he can feed his children. This is a bad idea because he knows that God has called him to Kenya to reach Muslims here for the Kingdom of Jesus. Also it would certainly mean death for him and most likely his entire family. He is struggling to see his children going to bed hungry because of his dedication to Jesus. He is in need of a major financial miracle. We prayed with him and encouraged him because we know God is faithful. Of course we fed him lunch and sent him away with groceries for his family. Sometimes as Christians it is easy to say we will PRAY for someone and then DO NOTHING to help their current situation. Yes, we need to pray, but we also need to HELP. We are the hands and the feet of the Gospel.


Let me encourage you to HELP others where you can. God did not just devise a plan to save us. He did something about it. He sent His one and only son. It was very costly to Him. He didn’t give out of His abundance. He gave His ONE & ONLY – His All.


We believe your financial partnership with Days of Elisha Ministries is good ground. We are serving the Lord with gladness and the best way we know how. We are preaching the Good News until Jesus comes!!


Thank you so much for your love and support!!


Changing the world, one soul at a time!



July 11, 2011

Need the intercessors this week:

Medical issues.

Vehicle issues.

Just feels like we are rowing a boat up Mt. Kenya!!!

We have a LARGE Pastors/Leaders Conference coming up in August. There are many financial needs yet to be met. We desperately need a trailer before this trip. The area we are traveling to is very unreached. There is no water nor electricity. We will literally have to pack every single thing we will need while in this area. Pastors from very far away are already planning to attend because they need teaching and training so desperately. As of right now we have about 300 commitments for attendance. Many of them will use public transportation or even walk for days to get to this meeting. It will prove to be a great time of the Lord’s Presence and many lives will be changed. Please make this a matter of sincere prayer.

Past time for school to be ordered for Arden. (She doesn’t mind if this one is delayed longer, but we do!!)

The mission team we hosted last week left yesterday. They had a very successful and pleasant trip. It is always good to see people from the great USA!

As always thank you for your support and thank you most of all for your PRAYERS!

Changing the world, one soul at a time!

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July 5, 2011

God has answered yet another prayer!! Many actually, but one in particular that I want to share with you.

Some time back I wrote about Caroline. Well I am pleased to announce to you that Caroline is now in school. Caroline is the baby sister of Pastor Javan. There are many siblings, but Pastor Javan is the oldest. Upon the death of his mother many years ago Pastor Javan was given the responsibility for caring for all his sisters. He was a young boy and could not even care for himself, yet he honored his mother’s dying wish and has loved and cared for his sisters ever since. It is not customary here for women to care for other women’s children so the fact that once he married his wife Evah never once complained about these girls is also a miracle. They have allowed his sisters to live in their home. They have fed them and cared for them. The children were able to go through the 8th grade because that school is free. It is not a good education because sometimes there are 100 children in a class room with one teacher and no supplies. None of them ever went past the 8th grade. EXCEPT CAROLINE!! Caroline performed very well in primary school and did well on her test. She received acceptance letters from several high schools. Since finances in their home are so tight she was not certain she would be able to attend high school. It was her heart’s desire, but many days they don’t even eat so school fees seemed a bit out of reach. Pastor Javan told her to pray and trust God. We all assured her that God has a plan for her life and she would go far if she would rely on Him.

On Tuesday of last week we invited them all over to our home and announced to them that Caroline would be going to school. I wish I could explain to you the rejoicing that took place in our living room. She immediately came to us in tears and hugged us. She assured us she will work hard and be the best in her class so that she can one day go to a university. She told us that she knows God has not forgotten her. On Friday of last week we all took Caroline to her new school. It is a nice place and she was well received. She was able to purchase all of her books, supplies, uniforms and pay tuition. She was so grateful and overwhelmed that she could hardly contain herself. No one in her family has ever gone to such a nice school. She is the first.

I couldn’t help but think of how education is viewed in our society. It is a RIGHT and is offered to everyone. Many children complain about it, but have no idea how life would be without it. Then I realized there are many things in our nation that we take for granted – water, electricity, food, and such things as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Everything here is difficult for the average Kenyan. They struggle each day for life, have little thought for liberty, and happiness is never mentioned. Smiles are rare here, but last Friday, we had a family, and one young girl in particular very happy!!!!

We thank God for His miracle of provision as all the glory belongs to Him!!

Changing the world, one soul at a time!

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June 27, 2011

God has answered our prayer to “Give us souls or give us death” once again. This past Saturday night we showed the Jesus Film in an area known as Mwihoko. During the week we passed out over 1000 fliers and invited people from the surrounding areas to come. Four hours before the scheduled start time of the movie people were already there waiting. As soon as we arrived we began setting up the big screen and popping pop corn. You can’t have a movie without popcorn, right? Children and adults began to form a line. It grew longer and longer. Jerry played a worship DVD while we were setting up the screen and equipment. People began to come from everywhere. During the movie the crowd would cheer, shout, cry out “STOP”. At times they laughed and clapped. Before the movie was over people were coming to give their lives to Jesus. At the end of the evening there were 32 salvations that were reported. These are the ones who actually came forward and filled out a “decision” card. We believe there were even more. God knows!

Some time after the movie was over and we were nearly all packed up I noticed some of the children were lingering around the area. I was watching them closely because they were very small, maybe about 6 years old and this was late at night and there was no adult with them. It was then that I realized they were picking up all the tiny pieces of popcorn that had been dropped on the ground throughout the evening. This same ground that only a few hours before we had literally swept donkey poop from so that people could sit to watch the movie. They were so happy to have a few more bites before they went home to sleep. At least tonight they would not be completely hungry. Again my heart broke and I was ashamed of our wastefulness and how we take so many things for granted. I thought we were doing a “fun” thing by popping pop corn. As it turns out that was supper for many people that night.

The following Sunday morning Jerry preached about the Character of Christ and what it means to be His follower and how we should demonstrate Him to the world. Three more people committed their lives to Jesus that morning. We prayed for the sick and God was Faithful to heal. It was an incredible weekend of ministry.

Changing the world, one soul at a time!

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June 10, 2011

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we are well and the ministry is moving along by the Grace of God. We have stepped into an entirely different aspect of ministry from before, and we are so excited. Please be in prayer with us for the direction and provision for this vision that God has given us. All the details soon we promise!

Today Jerry is speaking to the worship team of a local church. He is teaching about worship and all that involves. This particular church has an amazing worship team so we are excited to see them set their hearts, minds, and lives on ushering in the presence of the Lord!

We are still doing some improvements on the vehicle that was given to us. We have been blessed with a set of brand stinking new tires!! God is so amazing! He always provides. Now we have to do a little work on the frame and must get a new head light. As it turns out, this is not an easy task here. Several people are looking for the correct headlight and have been unable to locate one so far. Please help us pray that a headlight will be found. The God I serve can still deliver food from ravens, so I know a headlight is no big deal!!!

One of our greatest frustrations here in a third world country is the feeling of waste. Let me explain. For example, last week we purchased a NEW – not used alternator for our vehicle. It was NOT CHEAP. Everyone who (supposedly) knew about these things told us this was a good one – the best. Less than 3 weeks later it has gone out. To fix this alternator, the good one – the best we needed a part from the OLD BROKEN one. So we paid to have the new one – the good one – the best one taken apart and some of its parts replaced with parts from the old one – the BROKEN one!!! EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING you do here is that way. It can be very frustrating. The other day as I was discussing (whining) this with the Lord, He quickly reminded me that He does not see things the way we do. Then I had the thought, “Deborah, did it ever occur to you that maybe the Lord is trying to care for the mechanic?” Now, I know that might sound silly, but it really helped me. I try so hard not to be wasteful and sometimes I run myself batty nickle”ing” and dime”ing” the ministry because things here are so terribly expensive. I was quickly reminded that ALL of the money is truly God’s. If He wants the mechanic to get it then so be it!! I am sure the mechanic took food home to his family last week – more than one time!!

We have a financial goal this month of June of $8000. This is for some major ministry and some needs within the ministry. Please consider making a donation today. We rely on you and your support. We know God will bless you for it. The web site is listed below for giving online, or feel free to mail your gift to the address above in Silsbee, TX. Thank you!

These Days

April 14, 2011

PRAISE GOD – from whom all blessing flow!!

But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33 is my “life verse” and I have seen it come to pass time after time after time in my life and in our ministry. Like never before are we seeking the KINGDOM. The KINGDOM of Heaven is at hand. Men and women repent and come back to God. The KINGDOM is invading the earth. Nations, governments, societies and systems are changing. Salvation will change an individual, but the KINGDOM will change the world.

It thrills me beyond words to be able to tell you what God has done. He amazes us so incredibly much. Last night we were invited to some of our Kenyan friends home for dinner. They are pastors here in Kenya. As we were having the most delicious dinner of lamb, beef, chicken, and sausage our Pastor friend asked us where our Land Rover was because he did not see it in the drive way. Jerry and I chuckled and told him it was just outside the gate because it leaks oil so bad that we would never park it in his beautiful compound. It is just old and extremely messy!! He asked if we noticed the green vehicle in his driveway. Of course I had not and Jerry had since Jerry is such a “car” person. Anyway he said if we liked it we should go home with it that very night. It was ours! Yes, he GAVE us this vehicle. He went on to say that Kenya needed us. Kenya needs this Gospel message we are preaching which is Christ Jesus – the resurrected Son of God!! He thanked us for answering the call of God on our lives and blessed us. Can you say, “THIS IS GOD!!!!” Truly, this is God. No one can take the credit for this. God is amazing. We praise Him and thank Him for His miraculous provision. Many of you have been praying with us for a long time for a vehicle. Thank you and now rejoice with us.

The vehicle is a Nissan Terrano. It is 4 wheel drive. It will seat 8. It is in very good shape. It will need new tires, a new windshield, new air conditioner hoses, and some other minor things. It runs and drives GREAT!

We do have several areas right now that you can help with and definitely be in prayer about. We know GOD MOVES IN RESPONSE TO THE PRAYERS OF HIS PEOPLE.

Material needs for ministry and ministry home

Vehicle repairs $TBD

Air conditioner for our room $575

Refrigerator for ministry home $950

Lawn mower $250

Outreach ministry this month are:

School fees for children $500

“Free Water” Ministry $100 per event

Personal needs this month:

Arden’s braces $2000

You may donate online or mail a check to our address in Texas.

Already we are hosting people and groups in our ministry home, Camp Elisha, so that they may minister here in Kenya and surrounding nations. Please visit our web site at to learn more about this area of our ministry.

We are settling back into live in Kenya nicely now. Please make a note of our contact information. You can text us on our phones at any time. Just check with your local carrier for your international rates, but it does not cost us anything to receive a text message from you. Jerry’s cell # is +1 254 726219894. My cell # is +1 254 738405756. Arden’s cell # is +1 254 735243971. If you are mailing a care package please mail it EXPRESS mail and be sure to include my or Jerry’s cell # on the outside of the package. There is really no point for you to insure anything because it will make no difference once it reaches Africa. Right now the mail takes about 30 days to reach us.

We love to hear from you. It encourages us so much. Please email or send a text message any time. Thank you so much for your continued love and support. We pray God bless you abundantly as you serve Him. Preach the KINGDOM until Jesus comes again!!

Changing the world, one soul at a time!

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These Days

February 17, 2011

People get ready!! Things are escalating all over the world. There is no better time to tell people about Jesus. Do not fear these days of uncertainty. One thing that is certain is the harvest is white!! Let’s win souls. We would LOVE to be witnessing to people in Egypt right now. It is an open door for the Gospel. The world needs Jesus. People are tired of oppressive governments and dead, selfish religions. Pray for the Gospel in all the countries. It is exciting to know that the hearts of people are crying out for help. Jesus is the answer. Jesus is our hope!

We are still in the states. God is so amazing and continues to strengthen us and encourage us at this time. We have been praying to return to Kenya RIGHT NOW, because WE want to be home so bad. Our hearts are there and we know it is God’s will for us to be there. HOWEVER – it is more important for us to be there in God’s perfect time. The Lord, in His Mercy, revealed to me that even being in the center of His will we can still be very self-centered! WOW!! I must admit, I had to repent. I then began to evaluate other things in our lives. How much of what we do is still about self? I encourage you to ask yourself that same question. You might be surprised. I want to serve God with all my heart. Daily I must take up MY cross and follow Him.

I, Deborah will be speaking to a women’s luncheon soon. I am so excited because I love speaking to women. I AM ONE & I LOVE BEING A WOMAN!! Please cover this event in prayer. This weekend we will be attending revival services in Port Arthur, TX. We know God is moving by His Spirit in these days.

Jerry and Arden have both had the Southeast Texas Junk lately and had doctor’s appointments, tests, and now are on antibiotics and all sorts of stuff. Please pray they feel better very soon. Sunday is my birthday. This is the first one in the states in a while so I’m thinking a steak is in order – we’ll see!!

We love and appreciate you all! Be blessed!

Changing the world, one soul at a time!

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These Days

January 26, 2011

To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul; in you I trust, O my God. Do not let me be put to shame, nor let my enemies triumph over me. No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame, but they will be put to shame who are treacherous without excuse. Psalm 25:1-3

David spoke a lot about enemies in the Psalms. Enemies were very real and literal to him. Today we battle enemies of a different kind and perhaps of our own making. Enemies are those things that oppose us on our course of a Godly life. They oppose God’s way of living in our lives. David asked God to keep his enemies from overtaking him so that others would know that God was indeed the only true God. Many of us today do not want our enemies to overtake us because that would be most uncomfortable for US. Many today pray for victory for completely selfish reasons. Do we ever stop to consider that there are those out there who are watching our lives as a demonstration of this God we serve? Our victorious living proves that God is the only true God. Since David’s writings we have the cross of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to ensure we live victoriously according to the standard of God’s Word. Victory is easy and not only that, it is assured when we surrender our whole selves to the will and the way of God. Today look at your enemies as an opportunity to demonstrate the power of God operating in your life. Victory is ours!!!

Last night Deborah ministered to a ladies group from Celebration of Life Church in Port Arthur, TX. It was a powerful time of ministry. God is pouring out His Spirit in these days so that we can change our world around us. It is a time for the church to walk in MIRACLE DISPENSING ANOINTING! Sorry men – you just missed it!!

The ministry team in Kenya is doing well. They are just very ready for us to be home, as are we!

Please help us pray for God’s provision. If you know of any churches that are interested in having us speak or preach at this time please let us know.

Victory today – is YOURS!!!!

Changing the world, one soul at a time!

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November 5, 2010

These Days

November 5, 2010

What an incredible time to be alive!! God is moving by His Spirit across this nation. Never before have we been so encouraged in our Spirits. The earth is rumbling with the sounds of revival. People are being healed and delivered and saved like never before. Truly we are preparing the way for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our schedule has slowed down some as of late. Praise the Lord for some much needed rest and relaxation. We have all had the Southeast Texas JUNK for quite some time now and I think the prescription is for some rest. We will all have our annual check-ups some time this month and be cleared for take off for December!

We do not have exact date of departure at this time, but we know it will be in December. We are continuing to raise the necessary funds for airfare. The total cost for tickets is $4100. Our other fund raising goals are progressing, but we are still a long from our total goal of $50,000.

The ministry calendar for 2011 is filling up quickly. We have many exciting ministry events planned for next year. Already we have several mission teams planning to come and various projects for building and outreach. God AMAZES us!! Even as we write we have a gentleman from the states staying in our ministry home in Kenya so that he can minister there. WOW – we love the fact that Days of Elisha Ministries Kenya is ongoing – EVEN WITHOUT US – cause it’s not about us!!! Praise the Lord!

We love you all and thank you for loving the Lord!! He will never fail you!

Changing the world, one soul at a time!

September 14, 2010

PRAISE GOD – from whom all blessing flow!!

We have finished building the frame for the church in Mwihoko. This is so exciting. Next week the mission team arrives from Texas to complete the construction. The church in Masai land is also progressing nicely.

We are building the last set of beds this week. All the preparations are done for the arrival of our mission team on MONDAY!!!

Tomorrow we deal with immigration. That is typically an all day process. We are praying for the Lord’s favor and for an easy day there.

We have many “irons in the fire” right now and a lot of extra expenses. We really need all of you to get involved with what the Lord is doing here. It is so exciting. We love the Lord and love to see His Kingdom advance.

We will be in the states on October 3rd – can’t wait to see you all!!

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August 29, 2010

Praise the Lord!! Arden and Evah are both completely healed!! God is so Faithful. We took Arden to have blood work done the day I wrote last. She had malaria. We were able to get the treatment started early so she never got extremely ill. She said, “It takes more than malaria to get me down”! What a kid! Evah was diagnosed with pneumonia. She received injections all week and is much better now.

The church building projects are moving along very nicely. The bunk bed building project is also progressing.

This past week we ministered at children’s home. It was spectacular. The kids there are older youth who were living on the streets. They will start school next week so this past week was a spiritual boot camp. Imagine 40 kids all fasting and reading the Word, studying, worshiping and calling to God for strength so that they can change their schools! I had the privilege of opening their boot camp week. The theme for the week was “Transformed by the Presence of God”. WOW – it was an awesome time. God moved in a mighty way and these kids will never be the same. At the end of the day they expressed to us that their desire is that they be so full of the Presence of God that when street kids come to them they will immediately be changed – no preaching necessary – just Presence! Now that’s what I’m talking about. Remember, Peter’s shadow healed the sick. We also gave them Bibles. What a joy!

I absolutely can not stand to write about money!!! I never want anyone to feel pressured into giving. Then on the other hand we get emails from people who fuss at us for not letting them know about certain needs and situations. When we ask for donations it is to further the work that we are doing here. We live every day trusting on God’s provision. We are not nervous and we are not discouraged!! So please hear my heart as I write!!

We have an emergency need right now that we need serious help with. We must have $2000 by the end of this week – this is over and above the normal monthly donations. Please consider making a donation today. We have made donating very easy. If you have a pay pal account or a credit or debit card you can very easily donate online at our NEW WEB SITE You can click on the “donate” link for one time donations or we have even set up a “subscription” link so that you can set it up to donate each and every month. No amount is too small or too big. Every donation helps.

Arden starts school tomorrow. Our other kids here start next week. We still have several children who need sponsors for this term. Please contact me if you’re interested.

We will be in the states in five weeks. Please let me know if you want us to speak in your church. We can’t wait to see you all!

Again, thank you all for your continued love and support!

Changing the world, one soul at a time!

August 2, 2010

PRAISE REPORT!!! Days of Elisha Ministries is now OFFICALLY registered and licensed with the Kenyan Government. After over a one year process and rounds of rounds of paperwork, interviews, and more we are now DAYS OF ELISHA MINISTRIES KENYA. And more good news – WE DID NOT PAY ONE SHILLING IN A BRIBE TO GET IT DONE!! The Lord God did this and He alone gets the glory! You can’t imagine our happiness at the completion of such a major step for this ministry. What God starts no man can stop!! We have had so many people tell us we would never make it. We even had one PASTOR tell us, “You will never make it in Kenya without me”! Words of the enemy come in many forms and from many sources, but this much we know – WE HEARD THE CALL OF GOD and the LORD HAS SHOWN HIMSELF MIGHTY!!!

The past two weeks have been busy and fruitful. We have been working on preparing the ground for the new church to be built in September. We preached in a local village last Sunday and yesterday attended service in Nairobi. Yesterday was a celebration service for some Kenyan friends, a pastor and his wife, who recently purchased a new building and moved their church. Just 11 years ago they were renting a room in a restaurant to hold church service for about five people. Today their members are over 7000!! There were over 5000 people in attendance at the service yesterday. The church seats 4500 – the rest were content to stand outside and watch on monitors for over SIX hours. The service began at 8:30 and ended about 3:30. It was incredible. One thing I love about the people here in Kenya is they know how to give God thanks. They mark every mile stone in life with EXTREME praise and thanksgiving to God. It is very clear that they know from whom all blessings flow.

This week Kenya will vote on a new constitution. We have never involved ourselves in politics here since we are unable to vote, but we will ask each of you to please pray for Kenya during this time. We lived here during the post election violence in 2007-2008. Thousands of people lost their lives at that time and hundreds of thousands were displaced from their homes. Many thousands of them still live in IDP camps (Internally displaced persons). Their major grievance in 2007-2008 was land disputes. None of those issues have been resolved so this week could potentially be a spark on an old flame. We are safe where we are and are making preparations like we would back home for a hurricane! The problem for us would only be if rioting occurred across the nation then there is shortage of food, supplies, etc because of transport problems. We are praying and believing that this time will be different. This referendum is a spiritual issue. This decision in Kenya will have a global affect. Kenya is a key location in East Africa and the enemies of freedom and liberty want to be able to operate freely in this country. Please pray for the Lord to have His perfect will here.

In the paper last week we were informed that we will not receive water from the city for the entire month of August. We were able to get all the tanks here full. That will last about one week. After that we will be back to buying water from the water truck and having it delivered here providing all transportation routes are open. This will hurt many people who can not afford to buy water. Please pray for this situation.

Everyone here is well. The kids are out of school for the month of August. We are continuing to build bunk beds – 5 sets to go!!

Please remember that we are only able to minister because of your generous giving. August is a HUGE month for ministry here – all school fees are due, plus many other projects going on. Please consider mailing your donation today.

We love and appreciate you all.

Changing the world, one soul at a time!


These Days update 6-14-2010

Sometimes I just want to shout out how good God is!!! I guess saying it louder makes it seem better, I don’t know, but He is good!

Ministry here is going great. Lately we’ve had Men’s Bible Study, Women’s Bible Study, and we’ve been preaching in the local churches. Lives are being changed for the Glory of God. There were five salvations at the church we attended yesterday. It was awesome. The service was amazing. The presence of God is so sweet and has the power to change us and heal us and be all that we need and so much more!

Currently we have some young people here from Austin, TX. We have several ministry events planned for this next week that they will get to be a part of. This week we are doing “Free Water” ministry in a village that has not received any water in their pipes for over 10 months now. We love giving away water to people who need it so desperately. We trust God that we have opportunities during this one-on-one evangelism to introduce many people to the LIVING WATER!!! Pray for souls!

We are still trying very hard to raise the funds to purchase the 11 passenger, all time 4 wheel drive van that is in very good condition. We can purchase it for $12,000. If you can, please consider helping us right now in this area. This vehicle would change the face of our ministry here in a tremendous way. It seems that things come in spurts, but that is okay too! We still need to get braces for Arden and it is time again to order her home school curriculum.

We celebrated Jerry’s 40th birthday last week. He received over 150 birthday cards, greetings, emails, and wishes from all you back home. It was absolutely incredible! He was very surprised and felt loved in a HUGE way! Thank you all so much.

We are booking our calendar now for the months of October and November in the states. Please contact us at once to schedule us at your church, office, or organization!

We have updated our web-page, so check it out at the address below. It is still in the works so it will be even better before long. Thank you all for your continued support.

April 19, 2010
Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name!!

Yesterday we preached in a large slum area outside of Nairobi. The church is named Evangelical Bethel Ministries. When we drove into the area we had to literally stop and honk the horn waiting for goats, sheep, ducks, and people to move so our vehicle could pass. There are thousands of people just meandering about with no real purpose or place to go. There are cults and religious sects gathered in groups all along the way. Many are beating traditional drums and chanting and worshiping the God of their choice. When we arrive at the church we caused quite a stir – MAZUNGU (white people) – all the children shout. The church is an iron sheet structure with plastic chairs for the members. The floor is concrete which is a nice bonus in this area. The electricity was out when we arrived and remained that way until we left at 3:00pm. We ran the PA System from the generator. There is nothing here that will prevent people from having church. Arden ministered in song and then Jerry preached. He had a powerful message that was well received by everyone there. Many people responded to the altar call and we know that the Lord God Almighty changed many lives in that place yesterday. As we left we visited the Pastor in his home. He was honored to have us as his guest. I couldn’t help but think that we are the ones who are privileged – privileged and honored to be here, serving the King of Kings; the One who was and is and is to come! God amazes me – yet again!

After that we took a man of about 30 something years old and bought him a new pair of shoes. In the store he was clearly uncomfortable and didn’t quite know how to “try on” shoes and select the ones he wanted. Jerry helped him and we purchased the shoes. They are a very nice pair of tennis shoes. Today he showed up at our house with the shoes on, but did not know how to lace them. He’s never had a new pair of tennis shoes before. More than likely, he has never had a new pair of shoes at all, only second hand. He was without words. Through the frog in his throat he said, “I don’t know big enough to words or enough words to express how thankful I am. I can only say Thank You, but that isn’t enough”. He was literally about to cry. I will never cease to be shocked at what most take for granted and how very different life is here.

Water continues to be a problem. Even with the recent rains, many villages still have no water. We got some water yesterday, thank the Lord, it was very needed. Our tanks were nearly dry. It had been over a week since we received water.

For the past few weeks we have been under very heavy attack in the area of my health. I have some sort of respiratory problem; perhaps pneumonia. I believe I fractured a rib in a coughing spell. I have literally coughed to the point of nearly blacking out. I have medicine of every sort, but nothing seems to help. I have NO FEVER, just a horrible cough. Then this morning at 1:00am here I woke up with an excruciating tooth ache. This particular tooth had a root canal years ago with a nice crown. There is NOTHING there that should hurt. This was a spearing pain that shot through me. It was awful. Jerry began to pray immediately of course and I began to sing through my tears. There is no doubt in me anywhere, what so ever that this is an attack from the enemy of our souls. We are going after the Lord with every fiber of our being and if we could see into the Spirit realm we would know our war is not against flesh and blood. We need your prayers now more than ever.

We will not stop, we will not back down. We will not give up, we will not waver in our Faith. Our Faith is in God alone. He is all we need and all we need is Him. He is I AM!

Changing the world, one soul at a time!

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March 22, 2010

Heaven is rejoicing! I can assure you of this fact because the Bible says that Heaven rejoices over one soul that repents. We had many receive salvation at the crusade this past weekend. We had a great time in the Lord. Our Saturday evening service was canceled due to RAIN. It rained so fast and so heavy that the roads were washed out and even with 4 wheel drive it was just not a good idea. We concluded with a powerful Worship service on Sunday. We slipped and slided all the way there, but Praise the Lord we made it. We are not easily deterred!! Thank Goodness for cowboy boots!

Since our last update Days of Elisha Ministries has:
~had Living Water 2010 crusade
~preached in local church

Praise report – It is with great pleasure that we report that souls are continuing to be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. We are seeing changes in lives of believers that encourage us so much. This week a PASTOR went into 3 bars and passed out flyers to invite people to our crusade. What a tremendous feeling to know that the teaching we are doing is affecting the lives and actions of the church. We believe the work we are doing is having an impact!

Ministry Needs & Prayers

~Monthly support for the general fund. We can not be here to do what God has called us to do without a consistent monthly support base. We continue to mention this because it continues to be a huge struggle. We are not exactly sure what is going on, but we do know that God has it all figured out!
~New vehicle – we found OUR vehicle – it is a 5 door 1996 Land Rover. It is in good condition and will seat 11 people. This would be a HUGE asset to our ministry here. We can purchase the vehicle, pay for insurance for one year, make a few small repairs for only $10,000 – this is a fantastic deal here. We have looked at many vehicles and this is a great opportunity. We desperately need the funds for this purchase.
~Furnishings for the home we’ve just built for the children in Machakos – we are ready to take supplies to them. Their greatest need right now is beds.
~Bunk beds for missions room in ministry home – can purchase here for $150 per set with mattress and sheets included.
~Freezer for ministry home – can purchase here for $400

On the home front – Everyone is healthy – Praise the Lord! Cynthia will be nine this Sunday. She is excited because she knows Mama Jerry will make her a cake. She will also be going on her first Girl Scout trip the first week of April.

Arden has decided she wants to learn to play guitar. I pray the Lord will be her teacher because if it is up to us she is in serious trouble! She has found an acoustic guitar here that she can purchase once she saves her money. I think maybe we’ll need to look for a DVD for guitar lessons! I know a little piano, Jerry knows drums and she wants guitar!! She is a FANTASTIC Praise & Worship leader so it is no surprise that she wants to learn guitar. We have learned – give her the tools and get out of the way. The Lord is the greatest Teacher!

March 15, 2010

Another miracle!! We had a meeting last week with the Senior Officer with the Kenyan Immigration Office. It was incredible. He told us that our license for ministry in Kenya will be approved. He said that we may pick up our certificate in 3 weeks. If you’ve never tried to do business here you might not truly understand how HUGE this is. This is a place where it typically takes all day to pick up a package from the post office! (Wish I was joking, but I am very serious) This man did not ask for any additional information from us. He only asked a few questions and then wanted to know why we want to be here. We told him, “We are here to lead lost people to Jesus Christ and share the Gospel”. He scribbled on his paper and said, “Ok – I’ll approve you”. And with that he gulped down the last of his juice and left!! NO BRIBE!!!! We declared when we arrived in Kenya that we will not pay one shilling for bribery, This is the Lord’s ministry and if He wants us here, He will establish us. Well – let me tell you – He is doing so. We are officially now, DAYS OF ELISHA MINISTRIES KENYA!!! WOO HOO!!! Praise the Lord. Another part of vision is coming to pass. Long after we are physically gone from Kenya the ministry will live on. Dead men can touch the bones of the ministry and find life!!! Hallelujah!!!

Since our last update Days of Elisha Ministries has:
~welcomed our great friend Greg Haynes and his guest for one night. They brought me SKITTLES!!
~had our second meeting of Women Empowered. This is a Bible Study designed for women. It was great. We had 13 ladies in attendance and all of them were blessed by the Lord.
~had our second meeting of Higher Calling Men’s Ministry. This men’s fellowship had many men – more than us ladies I think! They had a great time also and are becoming inspired and encouraged to see people who are hurting and to move with the compassion of Christ. It has already been reported to us that some of these men have arranged to hit the streets in the neighborhoods this weekend to tell people about the Love of Christ!! Now – that’s what we’re talking about!!!
~taught Children’s Church. This week we had 35 children who were so excited to learn about Jesus. They played soccer and jumped rope. We sang and colored. All of this on crude little benches that barely hold even the very small children. While they are coloring they sit on the ground and use these same benches as desks. NEVER a complaint. They get one color at a time and share with each other to trade colors. NEVER an argument. Once they are done coloring they can’t wait for us to see their masterpiece and of course we just oooohhhh and aaaahhhhh for them. They humble us. At the end of our time together they give back their crayon so that we can bring them next time. They are memorizing scripture and are eager learners.

Praise report – During our last crusade there was a drunk man who staggered up to the back of the crowd. (There is always at least one) He laid himself out on a huge pile of rocks and took a little rest. Jerry & I both saw him and continued on preaching. We knew that the power of the Word of God is real and once the Word goes forth it accomplishes what it is meant to do. Right before the altar call he got up and began to walk away. One of the ladies who sings on our Praise & Worship team went to him and spoke to him. She told him she was glad he had come and to please come again. OK – YOU MUST UNDERSTAND HOW HUGE THAT IS!! She spoke to him! In this area and this culture for a “CHRISTIAN” to speak to a “drunk” is like a Samaritan helping a Jew. They typically will not be seen anywhere near a drunk. They think they are below the lowest of low and despise them. SO – we celebrated a victory in the fact that we’ve taught them enough to change their view of people who are lost. This is one of the strongholds within the church that we are trying to fight. Praise the Lord!! Well unfortunately, the next night we did not see him, nor the next. We continued to pray that he heard the Word of the Lord that night. Now – the rest of the story – the following week this man – this drunkard – showed up at Pastor Javan’s home. He said he heard the “muzungu” (white man) preaching the other night and he could not forget what he heard. He said he has heard many preachers before telling him how horrible he is and how pathetic and what a sinner he is. He said he has NEVER heard anyone tell him that God loves him. That right where he is – God loves him. And that God wants to help him. And that he can be a leader and not a follower. He was haunted by the words of the “mzunugu”. He said he had to know this Jesus that we were talking about. Right there, Pastor Javan prayed with him and now this man’s name is in the Lamb’s Book of Life. He is no longer a drunk. In fact, he is not even drinking. He is making real change in his life. That is how Jesus works – no change – no Jesus!!!

This is why we are here: to see lost souls saved and to help Christians who are living below their level of victory to realize WHO they are and WHO they serve. We love the humanitarian projects, and we do them – plenty of them, but at the end of this all – we are evangelists – we are soul winners!! We need you to be a part of this with us!

Ministry Needs & Prayers

~Crusade this week – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Please pray for souls.
~We are praying for $30,000 this week – agree with us please.

On the home front – Everyone is healthy – Praise the Lord! Arden is doing a great job with her school work. She is also a super teacher with the children. If you want more day-to-day information please check our blog at

Thank you all for your support and prayers. We love you and pray for you always. We are ~

Changing the world, one soul at a time!
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March 8, 2010
GO “IN THE SPIRIT” You can go “in the Spirit” to any nation on earth. You can touch an unreached people while on your knees. Indeed, your secret closet may become the headquarters for a movement of God’s Spirit over an entire nation. The Lord is willing to save entire societies if he can find a band of righteous people within them. This speaks of people who seek his face for the sake of their nation or another nation. If you cannot physically go to the nations, you can be part of the support body of intercessors. And we are to assist those who have given themselves to go to the nations. When Paul writes of his journeys, he mentions not only Timothy and Titus as his helpers, but also Lydia and the other precious women who aided him. These were all devoted servants whose assistance helped touch entire nations with the gospel. (taken from David Wilkerson’s devotional)

We are here in Kenya, but we rely on you as servants of the Most High God!

Since our last update Days of Elisha Ministries has:
~continued the work on the home for the orphans in Machakos. We have been slowed a little in completing this house due to the rain. The rain is much needed and we will certainly not complain about it. The home should be finished very soon.
~had some planning meetings and rested this week in the Lord.
~completed all financial reports, budgets, and administrative duties! YUK – but glad it’s done!

Praise report – We have been getting some rain. Some of the showers have been heavy rains which is good for us. The rains seem to come at night which is nice because we can do what we need to during the day and then the house cools down a little for nighttime! Praise the Lord!

Ministry Needs & Prayers

~Monthly support for the general fund. We can not be here to do what God has called us to do without a consistent monthly support base.
~New vehicle – we found OUR vehicle – it is a 5 door 1996 Land Rover. It is in good condition and will seat 11 people. This would be a HUGE asset to our ministry here. We can purchase the vehicle, pay for insurance for one year, make a few small repairs for only $10,000 – this is a fantastic deal here. We have looked at many vehicles and this is a great opportunity. We desperately need the funds for this purchase.
~Furnishings for the home we’ve just built for the children in Machakos.
~Bunk beds for missions room in ministry home.
~Refrigerator or freezer for ministry home.

On the home front – Everyone is healthy – Praise the Lord!

Please feel free to share this email with anyone you would like to share it with. God partners us with people in every kind of way. Help us get the word out that He is moving in the lives of people in Kenya. Don’t forget to check out our blog and SUBSCRIBE to follow us at   and please comments us! This is a great way to stay up with what the Lord is doing with us here!

Changing the world, one soul at a time!
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March 1, 2010
One of my dearest and most treasured friends sent me an Amplified Bible recently. My favorite scripture in all the Bible is Matthew 6:33. It is my LIFE VERSE. This is how it reads in the Amplified Bible – “But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.” Love that wonderful Word of God!!!

Since our last update Days of Elisha Ministries has:
~has welcomed the arrival of Joshua Curtis from Texas!! He is planning to stay the remainder of this year with us. He has great plans for the Lord and we are excited that God has entrusted him to us. We love helping people be and become who the Lord has called them to be.
~traveled to Western Kenya to visit Usigu Beach Children’s Home. This is home to 61 orphaned children. We had a great time during our visit. You can learn more about this ministry at We HIGHLY recommend you get involved with this ministry. These kids amazed us at how they acted like brothers and sisters to one another. It did not feel like an orphanage at all, but truly a HOME! We preached a revival service on the Friday night of our visit. There was a great response and we give God glory for revival in that area of Kenya.
~purchased a plot of land to build a church! If you remember at the end of the year last year we expressed a great desire and vision from the Lord to purchase a plot of land and build a church for a local pastor in a village that we work with a lot. Well – GLORY TO GOD!!! We shared this vision with a man in America while we were in the states and the Lord planted this same dream in his heart. We knew immediately that we would work together for this project. It amazes me that in two months the money was ready for the land to be purchased. Today the deal is done!!! Thank you to Stephen Gault and Portico Ministries for partnering with us in this Godly vision. They are planning a trip here in September to build! God amazes me. He connects us with those with like minds and vision and with a willingness to serve Him for His GLORY!

Praise report – We continue to Praise God for His Goodness. He supernaturally protects us in ways ()many of which we probably never know about) and He supplies all our needs. We are so excited and thankful about the purchase of the land for building His church. We Praise Him for fulfilling the vision in so many ways that He has given us.

Ministry Needs & Prayers

Financial Miracle needed TODAY $2600 – if you can help with this we need it right away. We have some urgent ministry needs – please donate online at
New vehicle – we found OUR vehicle – it is a 5 door 1996 Land Rover. It is in good condition and will seat 11 people. This would be a HUGE asset to our ministry here. We can purchase the vehicle, pay for insurance for one year, make a few small repairs for only $10,000 – this is a fantastic deal here. We have looked at many vehicles and this is a great opportunity. We desperately need the funds for this purchase. (pictures attached)

Furnishings for the home we’ve just built for the children in Machakos.
Bunk beds for missions room in ministry home.
Refrigerator or freezer for ministry home.

On the home front – I am battling some stomach issues right now, but no big deal – just pray for a speedy recovery. Everyone else is healthy – Praise the Lord! Jerry, Joshua, & Silas are outside cooking on the grill and enjoying some “guy time”. Life is good. God is GREAT!

We are still getting a little rain here and there. Praise the Lord. We have the most beautiful garden ever – you should see my pili pili ho ho (bell pepper)!! My Aunt Betty would be so proud!

All the kids are doing great. Cynthia has joined Girl Scouts and will get to do many things that most children here will never even hear about. She is such a blessing to us. We have never seen such a hard worker and such a dedicated student at the age of 8. Speaking of which, her birthday is this month. She is growing so fast. All of our kids are. I’m sure we will plan a day of celebration for her – she loves CAKE!!!

This week our schedule is a little slower, with this time used for some office work, study time, and rest. At the end of the week we will be traveling to minister in Masai land. The home in Machakos is almost complete and we will plan to go there soon – not exactly sure of the date at this time. Please continue to pray for our travel safety since we will be doing A LOT of that again this month.

Please feel free to share this email with anyone you would like to share it with. God partners us with people in every kind of way. Help us get the word out that He is moving in the lives of people in Kenya.

If you are on Face Book you can find us there. We update our page often with pictures so you can see what the Lord is up to here in Kenya! I promise you He is up to something and it is GOOD!

Changing the world, one soul at a time!
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