Christmas Groceries12.16.14

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Not many people in America would honestly want groceries for Christmas.  Most ask for impractical, unnecessary, or even outlandish items for Christmas.  And many people get exactly what they ask for.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that because most families can do it.  After all, it’s Christmas.  It is supposed to be special.  It is worth it when you see that humongous smile on your loved one’s face!

In Kenya if a family receives one pound of beef for Christmas they will have that same smile!  It’s true.  I’ve been there.  I’ve delivered groceries into homes on Christmas day.  I wish you could see their faces.  We give rice, flour, butter, sugar, corn meal, beans, sugar, salt, milk, tea, fruit, cooking oil, dish soap, bath soap,  and of course a few small sweets along with the BEEF!  This will last a large family for a couple of weeks.  It will not only feed their family but it will encourage them so deeply.  It will remove a little stress for a brief time.  It will allow them to see and experience the Love and Goodness of God.  So often when we deliver groceries we hear them say through their tears, “Surely, God has not forgotten me”.  There is no greater feeling than sharing the love of Christ.  Isn’t that the real meaning of Christmas?  He gave Himself to us.

Our team in Kenya can buy, package, and deliver all of these groceries for only $50 per family.  At this time we have 10 families identified that need this Christmas blessing.  We need your help.  Please consider donating today to these precious people.




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