Shoes in Kenya!11.14.14

IMG_2619Recently Days of Elisha Ministries was able to bless 57 children in an orphanage with not one, but TWO pairs of brand new shoes!! Imagine their surprise. Most of them have never in their lives had a new pair of shoes. Many of them had no shoes.

After we took the mission team to Kenya in June of this past summer one of the team members was so moved by God that she got to work immediately once we returned to the states. She raised the money to purchase the shoes for the children. I am so proud of her. She heard the voice of the Lord on the trip and then actually came home and DID something about it.

Shoes in Kenya are so much more than shoes in America. Shoes protect feet from the raw sewage that flows. Shoes protect feet from the dry and scorching hot ground and thorns that puncture tires. Shoes help prevent parasite infections.

In addition to the shoes each child got a shoe box with her or her name printed on the outside. The Lord impressed upon me to do this tiny detail. These children who suffer with identity issues will treasure this box as their very own prized possession. It will help them know they have a name, they are somebody, they are loved, and they are special. Each child will hide their box away at their bed. From this moment on they will keep every special rock they find, every special paper from school, every neat thing they come across in their new treasure chest – a shoe box!

I can assure you that one day when they are older the day that they got new shoes will be part of their testimony. This is a day they will never forget!

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