Health Update09.23.14

So I realized I haven’t written an update on my health lately. Thanks for those asking and always praying. Please don’t stop!! I’ve tried to be as open and honest about this journey as possible with the hope of encouraging someone going through a tough season. I do not write to call attention to myself or my issues. I believe this can all be used to demonstrate the Glory of God and to remind us all that everyone goes through things. We need help from time to time and that’s ok. We need people. We need Jesus. I couldn’t do this without friends, family, & faith in my Savior.

I am still going to MDA every 2 weeks for chemotherapy. I do a 3 hour process there then come home with the chemo pump for 48 hours. The medication I’m getting now is more difficult than the first one but with the Grace of God I am able to handle it. I lost all my hair in less than 3 hours one day. I have since learned how to tie scarves in several different ways! There are lots of horrendous side effects – one of the worst side effects is extreme weakness & fatigue which leads to other stuff but I am so blessed to be able to rest whenever I need to! The doctors continue to say that there is no cure. We will continue to do chemo to keep it managed. It is there hope that this regiment will minimize the tumors and we will be able to maintain it at that point. I get what they’re saying. I have top notch doctors at MDA. People travel from all over the world and only hope to get in with the doctors. So I listen to them & I follow their instructions. I just don’t stop there. You see I also know that cancer is an evil from the pit of hell and I’ve never been one to “manage” the devil. He has no place in my life. I don’t intend to reduce him down but allow him to still be in the shadows. I will have no part with him. The Bible teaches us to abstain from the very appearance of evil – not manage it, not reduce it – eliminate it!!! So I continue to say that this cancer is not mine. It is the devil’s and it must return to him. It is a trespasser and not welcome here. I have the perfect blood of Jesus running through my veins bringing me health and wholeness. So long as God allows, I will travel this journey praising my King! He is the lifter of my head – bald and all!!!! I have nothing to complain about and way too much to be thankful for! God is Good and He does all things well!

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