I am Six05.30.14

It’s early in the morning.  I’m sure it’s morning because Mama has awaken me to care for my sister although it is still dark outside.  I have a piece of bread and take tea.  Sister is tied in the sling on my back where she will stay all day.  As soon as I finish eating I wash dishes with the very little water available.  The water will be used again so I must be very careful not to waste any of it.  Mama will leave for work and we won’t see her again until after dark tonight.  She is a hard worker.  I am not sure what she does but she comes home very tired and some days sad.  Some days she has been mistreated, but it does not matter to her so long as we get a meal of sukuma wiki and ugali.  If there is not too much to eat, Mama will do without.  This is how I know she loves me so.  We don’t talk about love here.  We only know survival.  I try to pretend I am full so that she will also have something to eat.  Today I will go out because some people from very far away are coming.  I hear they look differently than we do and I am excited to see them.  It will help pass this day.  I do not go to school because I must care for sister and school costs lots of money.  But today will go by quickly since we have visitors in our village.  I have even heard they may have food for us.  I will try to put some in my pocket for Mama.  Perhaps tonight we will sleep a little better with bellies that are not crying throughout the night.

This is an accurate depiction of many of those we encounter on our mission trips to Africa.  When we share about Jesus and His great love and concern for them they eagerly embrace Him.  He is a Hope they have never had before.  He is an answer they have never known.  Many times their day to day lives are unchanged, but they now live with a Joy on the inside because of their promise of everlasting life with a Father who cares for them.  They understand that the sufferings of this life are temporal and their trust is in the Lord.  This is what we do.  This is why we do it.  We offer HOPE to the HOPELESS.  We offer them Jesus.


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