Health Update09.23.14

So I realized I haven’t written an update on my health lately. Thanks for those asking and always praying. Please don’t stop!! I’ve tried to be as open and honest about this journey as possible with the hope of encouraging someone going through a tough season. I do not write to call attention to myself or my issues. I believe this can all be used to demonstrate the Glory of God and to remind us all that everyone goes through things. We need help from time to time and that’s ok. We need people. We need Jesus. I couldn’t do this without friends, family, & faith in my Savior. I am still going to MDA every 2 weeks for chemotherapy. I do a 3 hour process there then come home with the chemo pump for 48 hours. The medication I’m getting now is more difficult than the first one but […]

I am Six05.30.14

It’s early in the morning.  I’m sure it’s morning because Mama has awaken me to care for my sister although it is still dark outside.  I have a piece of bread and take tea.  Sister is tied in the sling on my back where she will stay all day.  As soon as I finish eating I wash dishes with the very little water available.  The water will be used again so I must be very careful not to waste any of it.  Mama will leave for work and we won’t see her again until after dark tonight.  She is a hard worker.  I am not sure what she does but she comes home very tired and some days sad.  Some days she has been mistreated, but it does not matter to her so long as we get a meal of sukuma wiki and ugali.  If there is not too much […]

We Will NOT Be Denied05.14.14

When I was officially diagnosed in December 2013 with Stage IV Colorectal Cancer and was told that it is inoperable and incurable I was momentarily taken aback.  I did not believe that this could be true because we still have so much to do for the Lord and so much vision that we have not yet completed.  During the course of the next several days and weeks as I sought the Lord I asked Him what my role in this journey is.  He spoke to my Spirit and simply said for me to be faithful and obedient.  I promised Him that with His help and His Grace that is sufficient I would try to remain faithful and obedient.  There are some days I feel neither of those things!  But because He is good and gracious He helps me in those times.  One thing we had planned before this attack on […]

May is Rolling Right Along!05.12.14

What an incredible time we are having!  We had our final preparation meeting for the upcoming mission trip and everyone is so so so super excited!! We still have so much to do before we go.  We have object lessons to get squared away, lesson plans finalized, craft supplies gathered up, and all the materials printed & collated for the Pastors/Leaders Conference.  WOW!!!! It’s all good though.  This is normal for any mission trip, especially one with such a diverse itinerary. Jerry & I are so amazed at how this trip is turning out!  Other than Jerry, myself, & Arden no one else who is going has ever been out of the country for a mission trip!!  God is up to something and something GREAT!!!!!  Please keep us all covered in prayer! We still have a great budget need!  We trust that God is moving in this area even now.  […]

BBQ Success04.28.14

April 28, 2014 Yesterday we had a BBQ fundraiser and it was a great success.  We still have a ways to go, but we are getting there!!  We are so thankful that God has called us to this life of missions.  It isn’t always easy, but it is always WORTH IT!!  We love to share Jesus with others.  It is the most rewarding work we have ever done.  We so appreciate all of you who help us make it possible.  We pray you are blessed abundantly!!!

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