WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!04.21.14

We need your help!!!! We are in the final stages of fund raising for our Kenya Mission 2014. We have had some challenges in this area since my diagnosis late last year. We have just physically been unable to do any events for fund raising. So, here we are now. This upcoming Sunday, April 27th we will be selling BBQ brisket sandwiches, chips, and drinks in the Walgreen parking lot in Silsbee after church. We are taking donations right now of hamburger buns, chips, and soft drinks. Please let us know if you want to drop some of these items off or we can pick them up. Also, we are having a garage sale at the end of May. We need donations for this too. Please no clothes. My cell is (409) 926-7624 We still have to raise a minimum of $8000 for this trip. This trip will take Jesus […]

Wedding is DONE!10.17.12

Praise Jesus!We had an amazing wedding this past weekend.  It was flawless.  Haeley was the most beautiful bride ever and Joel the most handsome groom.  The favor of the Lord went before them and everything was just so blessed.  I want to take just a minute and brag on the newly-wed couple.  Haeley has done many things in her life that have made me proud, but none more proud than Sunday morning.  She and Joel decided that the first thing they wanted to do as a married couple was to go to their home church together.  They did not leave for their honeymoon right away, but instead spent the morning after their wedding in church.  I know that God will honor their decision to make HIM first place in their lives and especially in their marriage.  It was such a blessing to us, as parents because we know now that […]

Christmas in Kenya12.09.11

Jerry & I arrived this week in Kenya.  We have tons of business to take care of before the end of this year, but we have REFUSED to allow all that to interfere with enjoying the cheerfulness of this holiday season.  We have gifts for all our Kenyan family here and can’t wait to see their faces when they open them.  Just yesterday I had wrapped a few things and Trista was ever so carefully nose”ing” around.  The suspense is driving her crazy!! The ministry is doing well.  We are in a period of transition and new doors are opening.  It is CRAZY busy, but I am amazed how God is putting everything together.  He never fails us. I would love to encourage you to not get so wrapped up in the wrapping that you forget the One wrapped in swaddling clothes.  He isn’t a baby now.  He is a […]


Lately I have been remembering some of the fun and crazy things I did back in high school.  I could list tons of random things at this point but for the sake of my girls I won’t!  But I was a lot of fun.  I was the class clown.  I would do just about anything and loved to make people laugh.  Most of my antics were completely goofy, but nevertheless people laughed – and so did I.  I am trying to figure out just when and where it happened that I became so serious.  Sometimes I wonder if I have indeed forgotten how to have fun.  Life is too short not to enjoy yourself, right?  I am happy.  I am fulfiled.  But rarely am I doubled over in some tremendous belly laugh.  WOW – this is an area that must be corrected right away.  How?  I have no idea!  Suggestions […]

Today She Is 5 – Update on Purity09.29.11

I would like to say “Happy Birthday Purity” but given the current circumstances it just seems so pointless.  Today is Purity’s 5th birthday.  There will be no cake, no gifts, no games with childhood friends.  Purity is on her way back to the hospital in Nairobi.  Yesterday while she was at school she fainted and had a discharge of pus and watery fluid from her.  The teacher was very alarmed and sent for her parents.  Once they reached the school they immediately took her to the village clinic.  They explained the history of Purity’s case and the doctor there said there was nothing he could do for her.  He sent them home with instructions to see the doctor in Nairobi on their regularly scheduled appointment that was set for October 10th.  THIRTEEN days later.   It was clear at that time that the doctor did not want the responsibility of this […]

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